Is it safe to enter my bank password?
bizibox is meticulous about information security, and ours is on the highest of levels, on a par with the standard required of banks. In addition, the system provides read-only access, and transactions that affect your business’s bank account are not enabled.

Data are transferred by encrypted communication in accordance with the cyber security protocols implemented by banks. Furthermore, as part of the Company’s customer privacy policy, the data in the system may be viewed only by you.
What will I gain by using bizibox?
bizibox gives you complete financial control of your business by providing you with a complete picture of your income and expenses, in an all-in-one system, by simply pressing a button, on your computer or mobile.

With bizibox you can gather and view all relevant data – bank accounts, credit card transactions, clearing information, loans and accounting – automatically, clearly, easily and smartly. The system provides you with tips and important information on your financial position as well as objective information 24/7, freeing you from having to depend on your accountant – or the bank.
Who should be using bizibox?
bizibox is recommended for anyone who manages a cash flow or budget and wants to keep up-to-date with their financial information. The bizibox tool is ideal for families and business owners – from individual freelancers to companies of all sizes.
Can people who aren’t business owners also benefit from bizibox?
Absolutely! Families can also use bizibox to efficiently organize their budget, just by pressing a button. With bizibox you can gather the household’s financial information and display it all on one screen. This way, you can be sure you’re always on top of your budget, prepared for eventualities, and make sure you stay within your credit limits.
How can you manage your budget and budget categories on bizibox?
bizibox builds your budget for you, from the moment you first sign up, and updates it monthly.
The budget is built according to the categories you create and those you used in the past twelve months. The total for each category is calculated on the basis of the monthly average and can be changed as needed.
By clicking on the bell icon, you can receive alerts of budget deviations based on the defined deviation percentage, and you can even manage several budgets at the same time, customized to suit your needs.
Clicking on the left-hand graph icon provides a graphic display of your monthly data, plus a comparison to the corresponding period.
Clicking on the right-hand graph icon displays the current month, day by day.
Is the information displayed on bizibox backed up?
Yes. All data are stored on a cloud, fully secure and backed up on servers 24/7.
Can the system create historical reports?
Yes. The system enables historical analysis, so you can issue relevant periodic reports from the moment you subscribe to bizibox, at no extra cost.
Are the data current?
bizibox updates the data every morning for all accounts.
What is bizibox’s advantage over the display on the bank’s website or other systems?
As opposed to the bank’s system and other systems, bizibox displays all financial data from all bank accounts and credit card accounts – together. bizibox not only gathers the information, it also analyzes it while presenting the data in graphic form and providing smart insights in a way that is clear and easy to understand. With bizibox, you can obtain information on your financial position without having to depend on anyone, and easily manage the financial aspects of your business.
What’s cash flow?
Cash flow is the money that is transferred into and out of your business. Properly managing cash flow with the help of a cash flow report prevents surprises and helps the business owner prepare for the future. As such, it is a significant growth driver for the business, and it is important to manage it carefully and professionally.
How is cash flow management on bizibox different from cash flow management on Excel?
bizibox automatically gathers the business’s bank data, as opposed to working with Excel, which requires each of the bank accounts to be accessed separately. bizibox also identifies bank transactions that were actually executed and is able to anticipate future transactions. Since the system is automatic there are no typing errors – or human error – and work on the cash flow, i.e. your income and expenses, is much quicker and more accurate. In addition, bizibox’s advanced analysis capabilities enable the system to offer users advice and information on the business’s projected cash flow. This way, business owners can continuously control their cash flows themselves, anywhere, anytime, from any computer or mobile phone.
How do I download the app?
The bizibox app can be downloaded free of charge from online apps stores and is available in Android and iOS (iPhone) compatible versions. All you need to do is search for bizibox (in Hebrew or English), download the app, connect via a short registration process – and start managing your business easily and efficiently.

To download the app from Google Play:

To download the app from App Store:
Can I try the bizibox system?
Absolutely! We offer a 30-day free trial. All you need to do is sign up with the system – it’s quick and you don’t need a credit card.

You can enter your information and try bizibox for yourself without any obligation, or take a look at the data of a sample company.
I have a question about the system. Who can help?
Our technical support team is available and can be reached by email at or through the system, on Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.