bizibox Budget Management

Managing your budget and budget categories is easy

Join the thousands of business owners and households who use bizibox. bizibox automatically builds your budget from the moment you first sign up and updates it monthly, so you can achieve financial balance and stability thanks to an in-depth analysis of the data and the display of up-to-date information gathered from all your bank and credit card accounts. The information is available 24/7 on your computer or mobile.

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Budget management

bizibox builds your monthly budget for you, including all categories in use in the past year. The system alerts you to deviations based on the defined deviation percentage, and you can even manage several customized budgets at the same time. Managing a balanced budget will enable you to make the right decisions and avoid unpleasant surprises on your bank statement.

Payee and Categories management

bizibox displays all payees to and from whom cash was transferred or received – on one screen. You can see your payee history in all your accounts and filter the information by payee name or category. A clear graphic display presents your total monthly transfers in the past twelve months, changes in relation in the average and any increase or decrease in payments made or received. bizibox classifies banking and credit card transactions according to your choice and based on your categorization history.

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All your information in one place

Tired of remembering countless passwords or accessing multiple bank accounts every morning? With bizibox you won’t have to – it automatically extracts the information from all sources and displays them in a friendly format in one place.

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Smart alerts

bizibox sends messages and alerts about the business’s financial position on a daily basis, and also on matters that require your attention such as incoming and outgoing payments, bounced cheques and substantial changes in expenditures. bizibox’s notifications will help you make fact-based decisions and alert you to issues that need to be dealt with.

Financial archive

bizibox stores all your banking, clearing and credit card information, including cheque images and bank transfer details. With bizibox you can generate historical reports, including analyses and prior year comparisons – at no additional cost and by simply clicking a button. From now on, you won’t need to rely on anyone when you need financial statements from the bank or credit card and clearing companies.


bizibox is simple and intuitive, so you can easily track all of your business’s financials and view reliable, professional information. Thanks to bizibox’s innovative interface, you don’t need any special computer or financial skills; you can take full advantage of everything the system has to offer by simply clicking your mouse or tapping your mobile screen.

Absolutely secure

bizibox is secured with the most robust security system available which is also used by the world’s leading banks. bizibox enables custom permissions to be assigned for employees, so you have full control over user access to your information.