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Many businesses close because of cash flow problems, failure to manage a budget and a lack of financial knowledge. bizibox was created to deliver a response to these major issues, shared by many business owners, and to help them take control of expenses and revenues. Thanks to a secure, simple and efficient tool, our friendly and professional system helps thousands of business owners, big and small, to consolidate all of the business’s financial data in one place, analyze them, and receive tips and information that are available 24/7.

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How It Works

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Cash flow and budget management

bizibox analyzes the business’s expenses and revenue over the past few months, identifies recurring transactions and builds a dynamic cash flow that changes according to the circumstances. The cash flow takes all of the business’s future transactions into account so you can see the scope of your expenditures and income and manage your company more efficiently. You can also build and manage a monthly budget from the moment you sign up.

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On mobile, too

bizibox is an advanced system also offers a smart app that lets you make business decisions anywhere, anytime, based on the most up-to-date financial data, without having to depend on anyone.

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Financial archive

bizibox securely stores historical data (saved from the moment you sign up for bizibox), allowing you to generate financial reports, historical banking information and old cheque images at any time – and at no additional cost!

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Trend analysis

bizibox not only keeps tabs on where your business stands at any given moment – it also alerts you to important occurrences. For example, if there’s been a budget deviation or if the system has detected an uncustomary transaction. bizibox also analyzes key trends, so you can prepare in good time for irregular expenditures and avoid overdrafts.

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Absolutely secure!

At bizibox, your information security is our top priority, and that’s why we apply the cyber security protocols implemented by banks using the most advanced means. As an additional security measure, the system provides read-only access, and no transactions are possible.

Information security

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