All your business's financial data

  • on one screen at the touch of a button
  • and future cash flow in one place
  • and banking history available 24/7
  • and budget & category management
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Everything you need, all in one place

With bizibox you don’t need to remember your bank passwords or check numerous financial websites each morning to stay on top of your business finances. bizibox does all the work for you and gathers the data you need from all relevant sources.

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Data security

Your data security is our top priority, and we are committed to applying the strict cyber security protocols implemented by the Israeli banking industry, with audits performed on a continuous basis. As an additional security measure, the system provides read-only access and no transactions are possible.

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Smart alerts

bizibox is your personal financial adviser, keeping you abreast of changes in your accounts by providing real-time system alerts and push notifications. bizibox identifies and analyzes financial data behavior patterns and alerts you to changes and overdrawn accounts.

  • Cash flow
  • Accountants
  • Budget management

Your cash flow has never looked better

Most businesses find it hard to track revenues and expenses on a daily basis. Cash flow is essentially the inflow and outflow of cash into and from the business, and is an important element in the business’s sustainability and success. Cash flow management reflects current and future forecasts of all of the business’s cash and provides for a more informed picture of the business’s financial condition at any given moment.
When your cash flow is managed within the business and the information is readily available on bizibox, all you need to do is access the system, and with the click of a button, take a look at the cash flow report, control expenses and revenues, and plan ahead for success.

What is bizibox?

An advanced technological solution

The innovative bizibox system for accountants and tax consultants was conceived and developed in order to automate the work of accounting firms. Join the hundreds of firms that benefit today from the system that extracts data from bank accounts and credit card companies, collates and imports them into your accounting software at the touch of a button. With bizibox, you’ll save time and prevent human error, while benefiting from advanced options like saving historical financial data, financial control, and data analysis.

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Managing your budget is easy

Building and managing a budget are the building blocks that ensure your business’s stable, balanced financial condition.
bizibox builds your budget for you from the moment you first sign up, and updates it monthly.
The system alerts you to deviations based on the defined deviation percentage, and you can even manage several customized budgets at the same time.
bizibox’s graphic display of monthly figures and their comparison to the corresponding period allow for a smart analysis of all budget categories.

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From now on you can make important business decisions even when away from your computer. With bizibox’s mobile app you can keep tabs on your business 24/7 and manage it on the go – now in a new, simple and intuitive version, available to bizibox customers at no extra cost!

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Manage your business effectively and efficiently with bizibox

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Oz Nasimit
Balance Club, fitness center chain

Life is much easier since I started using bizibox. I spend less time on the cash flow. It takes me just fifteen minutes to organize the financials of two companies! It’s all automatic. I can export data easily, even banking reports. You can email any report you want to the bank- all you have to do is press a button.

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Ahuva Chen
Laledet School for Baby Birthing Professions

The system is really easy to use, it has everything I need and it’s available everywhere! I really don’t like to deal with financials, but having all the information in one place makes it much simpler.

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Eitan Hazan
Co-owner, BUNZ restaurant

Instead of having to deal with Excel spreadsheets, bank statements, lists of cheques/checks, bizibox gathers all my information from all financial sources like banks, credit card companies and clearing houses, organizing them all in one place in order to save me time.

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תזרים מזומנים חופשי
Ran Faranji
SIM Cellular Laboratories, mobile phone repairs

bizibox has been organizing my financials daily for the past four years, giving me information on the business’s cash flow. Thanks to bizibox, I’ve taken control and organized the business’s entire financial management. I even got rid of all those Excel spreadsheets.

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Asaf Benatia
Giggsi Cinema Sports Bar, Beersheba

For the past four years I’ve been using bizibox because it lets me know what to expect, get data that allows me to talk with the bank accurately and professionally. After we started using bizibox, we felt that we had finally succeeded in organizing the company’s financial data.

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Nir Rosenblum
Balance Point, Holistic Center for Healing and Training Body and Soul

This is the first system I’ve come across that is so real and shows you the whole picture, also the mobile app makes everything so easy and simple. It’s the first time that my cash flow forecast gives me real peace of mind.

ניהול תזרים מזומנים
Etti Kochavi
The Home Deli, meat boutique

From the start I received outstanding service and a comprehensive explanation about the software, and it’s all so simple and user-friendly! We know our cash flow situation at any given moment, when payments will be going out and when revenues will be coming in. I warmly recommend it to every business owner!