Privacy Policy

iFact Ltd. (“we” or the “Company”) respects the privacy of users of its website at (including subdomains) (hereinafter: the “Website” or the “Site”). The following provisions should enable you to understand the Company’s privacy policy with respect to the use of its Website (the “Privacy Policy”).

This document describes the Privacy Policy that applies to the Company’s Website and forms an integral part of the Terms and Conditions as defined in the website’s Terms of Use.

Terms that are not defined in the Privacy Policy shall have the same meanings as those defined in the Terms of Use.


Please read carefully: This Privacy Policy constitutes a binding and enforceable legal agreement between you and the Company; accordingly, you are requested to read the Privacy Policy carefully.

By making use of the Website and any services provided on or by the Website, you warrant that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy, that you have been given the opportunity to review it, and that you agree to all terms and conditions set forth herein.

If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions contained herein, you are obliged to immediately refrain from accessing and/or using the Website in any manner.

What information are we permitted to collect about Users?

We collect two kinds of information from Users of the Website:

The first kind of information the Company collects is anonymous and non-personally identifiable information (hereinafter: “Non-PII”). Non-PII is any information that is openly available to the Company when a User makes use of the Website and does not reveal the personal identity of the User. Non-PII includes anonymous and technical information as well as information gathered about user behavior and may include, inter alia, the User’s activity on the Website, the identity of the User’s operating system and browser type, click stream, referral URL, keyboard language, screen resolution of the device used to access the Website, etc.

The second kind of information collected by the Company is personally identifiable information (hereinafter: “PII”). PII enables the Company to personally identify the User, and is generally private or sensitive in nature.

Users automatically provide their IP address or MAC address according to the network or device they are using. This information is gathered to enhance the user experience and for security purposes.

In the Contact Us Form on the Website users are requested to provide their full name, telephone number and email address. Users may possibly be required to provide additional information in the future.

For the avoidance of doubt, any Non-PII that is related or connected to PII shall be considered PII for as long as this association exists.

Please note: No PII will be collected from you without your consent, which is given, inter alia, as part of the acceptance of the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and by your use of the Website.

You are not required to disclose personal information by law. You hereby agree and warrant that the personal information you provide us is given of your own volition in order to enable us to provide you with various services, and you further agree that we shall store the information you have provided in a databank (which may be registered in accordance with legal requirements).

Use of Information

When use is made of websites, information may accumulate with regard to your practices, the location of the computer used to access the websites, etc. The Company is entitled to store the information in its database. Use of such data shall be made exclusively in accordance with this Privacy Policy or in accordance with applicable law, for the following purposes:

–          To enable you to make use of various services on the Website.

–          To enhance and enrich the services and contents offered on the Website, including the creation of new services and contents that are aligned with the requirements and expectations of website users, and to modify or remove existing services and contents. The information used by the Company for this purpose shall primarily be statistical in nature and should not personally identify you.

–          For the normal operation and development of the Website. The information used for this purpose shall not be disclosed to third parties other than to the extent permissible under this Privacy Policy, as revised from time to time.

–          For any other purpose set forth in this Privacy Policy or in the Terms of Service.

 Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

PII: The Company shall not transfer and/or disclose your personal information and the information gathered about your activity on the Website (to the extent that this information personally identifies you) to third parties, other than in the following cases:

–          If the Company has requested your permission, and you have given your express consent thereto;

–          If you violate the Terms of Use and/or the Privacy Policy, or attempt to perform such actions; In such cases, the Company shall be permitted to disclose the information as required;

–          Pursuant to a court order and/or other directive from any competent authority;

–          In the case of a legal dispute between you and the Company, mandating the disclosure of your personal information;

–          Wherever the Company is of the view that disclosure of the information is necessary to prevent serious harm to your person or property or to the person or property of a third party;

–          The Company shall be permitted to transfer your details and the information collected following your use of the Website to other companies related to the Company, provided, however, that said companies shall use the information exclusively in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy;

–          If the Company merges with another entity or merges the activity of the Website with the activity of a third party, it shall be entitled to transfer to the new corporation a copy of the information about you that is stored on the Website, or any statistical information in its possession, provided, however, that said corporation shall undertake the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

Statistical information: The Company may possibly transfer statistical information, for a consideration or for no consideration, to third parties with which it maintains a business and/or other relationship, including companies engaged in the analysis of such anonymous statistical data, for the purpose of improving and further developing the services offered on the Website, at the Company’s sole discretion.

Cookies and Local Storage

When using the Website, the Company or third parties may use industry accepted technology known as Cookies and Flash (or similar), which stores certain information on your device and enables the Company to automatically operate certain features as well as improves the user experience when using the Company’s services. Cookies are required for the continuous and normal operation of the Website, which includes the collection of data on usage habits pertaining to the Website and identification of user traffic patterns, for data verification, for customization of the Website to your personal preferences and for information security purposes.

Most Internet browsers enable users to delete Cookies from their devices, block Cookies or receive notifications before they are stored. However, if a User deletes Cookies or prevents them from being stored, or if a User alters the features of Flash, that User’s online experience via the Website will likely be limited.

Data Collection for Statistical Purposes

The Company may use the services of third parties to provide it with statistical analyses pertaining to the use, functionality and health of the Website. Such third partiers may collect and analyze data in connection with any use of the Website, the frequency of use, the origin of the User’s access to the Website, etc. The information collected is statistical in nature, does not identify you personally and is intended for purposes of analysis, research, control and development.

 Information Security

In order to protect the confidentiality of the information against third parties, the Company employs various means to secure Users’ identities and protect information that is disclosed using information security measures compliant with accepted standards, including those that apply to communications devices of all kinds, such as advanced 256-bit SSL encryption. Nevertheless, the Company does not guarantee to completely eliminate the risk of penetration to its databases, or the risk of interception of data transfers between the computer you are using and the Company – and vice versa. Furthermore, there are communication channels in which the Company is unable to protect and maintain information security when information is transferred by you to and via such channels. You therefore agree that the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to you as a result, including as a result of the transfer of information about you or information transferred by you to any third party, as long as the Company has taken reasonable and accepted steps to prevent such acts.

Right to Information

According to the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981 (hereinafter: the “Protection of Privacy Law”), a person is entitled, himself or by means of a proxy appointed in writing or by means of his custodian, to inspect information regarding such person which is kept in a database. Additionally, any person has the right to request that the Company amend or delete information pertaining to such person. Where the owner of the database refuses to comply with such request, they are required to inform the applicant thereof in the form and manner prescribed in the regulations. The applicant may appeal to the magistrates’ court against the refusal by the database owner to permit inspection and against the notice of refusal to amend or delete information, in the form and manner prescribed in the regulations.

Furthermore, if the information in the Company’s databases is used to contact you personally on the basis of your belonging to a population group determined according to one or more characteristics of persons whose names are contained in the database (hereinafter: “Commercial Offer”), you are entitled, pursuant to the Protection of Privacy Law, to request in writing that your information be deleted from the database.

In such case, the Company shall delete only the information it requires to contact you with such Commercial Offers. Information required by the Company to manage its business – including records of commercial and other transactions you executed on the Website – shall continue to be retained by the Company according to applicable law, but shall no longer be used for the purpose of making offers to you. If, within 30 days, you do not receive notification that the information which the Company was requested to delete has been deleted pursuant to this section, you shall be entitled to apply to the magistrates’ court in the manner prescribed in the regulations enacted by virtue of the law for the court to direct the Company to act as described.

 Spam Law

According to section 30A of the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting), 1982 (hereinafter: the “Spam Law”), the Company covenants not to send you advertising materials without receiving your prior consent (hereinafter: “Spam”). By contacting the Company through the Contact Us Form on the Website, you consent to being sent advertisements (as defined in the Spam Law) by email and/or to your residential address and/or mobile phone. From the time such consent is given, any material sent to you on behalf of the Company shall not be considered Spam of any kind whatsoever, which constitutes or is able to constitute a violation of the Spam Law. At any given moment, you can revoke your consent and/or inform the Company of your desire to receive only information of specific kinds by notifying the Company of your refusal to receive information from the Company in the future, by sending an email to  and/or in the same manner in which the advertisement was sent to you.

 Third-Party Services

We may use third-party software or services to collect, store and/or process the information that is collected via the Website. We make efforts to contract with third parties that publish a privacy policy applying to the collection, storage, processing and use of PII and Non-PII.

Third party services include, inter alia, Google Analytics, whose privacy policy is available at, and Zoho CRM, whose privacy policy is available at However, the Company has no control over said third parties. We recommend that you read the terms of service and privacy policy of said third parties and/or contact them directly to find out what kind of information is collected about you.

 Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Company may modify this Privacy Policy at any time. You should revisit this page as often as possible. We shall inform Users of any substantial changes to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Immaterial changes shall take effect within seven (7) days from the date of such notification. All other changes to the Privacy Policy shall take effect immediately, and your continued use of the Website after the date of the last update shall constitute your consent to the changes being binding upon you. Your continued use of the Website and the services provided by it shall serve as evidence of your consent to the new Privacy Policy rules.


Should you have any questions or comments regarding any of the matters contained herewith, please contact us by email at We will make every effort to get back to you within a reasonable time.