bizibox for Accountants

Time-saving smart office management

bizibox is an advanced technological tool that provides a comprehensive response to the unique needs of accounting firms. bizibox contributes to enhanced efficiency, saves time and money and keeps typing errors to an absolute minimum.

The system extracts data from bank accounts and credit card companies and imports them into the accounting software at the touch of a button, maintaining the high-level security standards required in the financial services industry.

Among Our Customers

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Automatic data export

bizibox automatically exports all your customers’ bank and credit card information to your accounting software at the touch of a button, securely and quickly, free of errors or typos. The system saves the time required to manually type the information and transfers it to the accounting software and vice versa via an interface.

Banking data archive

bizibox securely stores your banking and credit card data and cheque images, making all historical customer information readily available for use, any time and via any computer, laptop or smartphone, so it's no longer necessary to waste precious time contacting customers or banks to complete the missing information.

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Data analysis

bizibox analyzes accounting data, highlights trends over time, compares corresponding periods and clearly displays accurate customer data in graphic form. Customer data are updated in real time and continuously processed and analyzed. Data are available and updated 24/7, obviating the necessity of preparing them in advance when you want to present them to your customers.

Complete control

Thanks to bizibox’s smart system, accountants have full control of their business. bizibox generates reports and analyses, examines open and unreconciled transactions, tracks missing invoices, and delivers additional control functions for the firm’s benefit. With bizibox, running your business has never been more efficient!

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Accessible anywhere

bizibox is a secure cloud-based system (similar to bank websites) that runs on any computer, laptop or smartphone at any location, so your information is always accessible, anywhere, any time.

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Information security

The bizibox system is secured in alignment with the security protocols in place in the world’s leading banks, and allows data to be viewed only (transactions are not enabled).