bizibox for Businesses

All your business data in one place

bizibox “gets it all together”, so all your financial data, including bank accounts, credit card and clearing information, as well as your accounting data, can effectively serve your business. The system generates up-to-date cash flow statements, budget and budget categories and users can also create current accounting reports themselves, which include internal analyses of the numbers and prior year comparisons.

תוכנת ניהול תקציב משפחתי
תוכנה לרואי חשבון לעסק
תוכנות רואי חשבון
תוכנה פיננסית לניהול משרד רו
מערכת רואי חשבון לניהול העסק
תוכנה פיננסית לרואה חשבון
ניהול משרד רואי חשבון
מערכת לרואי חשבון
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תוכנה פיננסית למשרד רואי חשבון
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Data aggregation

bizibox extracts data from all relevant financial databases (bank accounts, credit card processing and clearing services and accounting software) and displays them in one place, in a clear and easy-to-understand format, 24/7.

Cash flow

Tired of being taken by surprise each month? Want to run your business more efficiently? bizibox delivers an up-to-date cash flow based on all the business’s financial data. This way, you can easily keep abreast of your projected expenses versus projected income and better plan your company’s financial practices.

Accounting analysis

bizibox interfaces with leading accounting software, delivering accounting analyses down to the individual invoice/transaction at the touch of a button. Analysis options include prior year comparisons, trial balances and income statements for the business, with accompanying graphs that allow for trend analysis. All functions are user-friendly and simple.

Statement export

With bizibox, all bank and credit card statements are automatically exported to the accounting software, so there’s no need to enter data manually or use external interfaces, saving you precious time. Data are retrieved from the last bank or credit card transaction recorded to prevent duplication.

Financial archive

All your financial data are stored in bizibox for easy retrieval. The system enables you to generate historical banking information reports (including credit card transactions and cheque images) at no extra cost. This way, all your data are stored and there’s no need to print hard copies, keep physical files, or contact suppliers and customers for payment clarifications.

Cheque retrieval and export

To remain constantly current, bizibox automatically retrieves receivables and expenditures from the accounting software, including dates, descriptions and amounts, and transfers them directly to the future cash flow. This helps keep the cash flow current, without the need for manual entry.

Information security

bizibox is secured with the most robust security system available which is also used by the world’s leading banks. bizibox enables custom access permissions to be assigned to users, allowing you to define the data and functions that are available to each employee.

Information security